Hi Guys,Now a days everyone wants to earn online.But,most of the users who try to earn they never succeeded or suffer heavy loss of money,time & mind.There are lots of earning sites but all are scammed who always want money from different types of task like data entry,form filling,ad posting,etc. Once they got money they will never reply you or not even bother to ask you how you're work is going on.I had seen lots of complaints on search engines & it's all about PTC sites, Companies who agreed to provide you work from home but didn't pay you a single penny.Most of the users has leaved this type of earning sites & joined job to earned fixed income because of those scammers.So Guys,I am here to help you with my experienced about earning.I will provide info about each Genuine sites but with genuine sites you should also know about scam sites to be safe from those.

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